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*2016 DW-12 Season #2* - Race #11 @ Michigan International Speedway
*Maze & Blue 250*
At 10-26-2016 09:00:00 PM
"Behind The Wall", Sponsored by The Sim Garage


"Hudson Drinks the Milk!"

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       So, the most prestigous race in Top Fuel Racing turned into a caution festival and almost became the 1st race in TFR history to be cut short on time. Fortunately there was not a 13th caution, which allowed the race to conclude with 4 minutes to spare. All in all there were 29 lead changes with 12 different leaders and a total of 12 cautions for 45 laps. So, needless to say this wasn't the Best INDY 300 in TFR History, but the drivers will move forward and hope they can get it cleaned up for Michigan for the start of the 2nd half of the season.

But, there was still a "Bottle of Milk" to be drank and the man that took that chug was #7 Chase Hudson. Fresh off his return from a back injury that kept the Points Leader out of action @ Daytona, Hudson found himself back in victory lane for the 7th time this season. With the win Chase pushes his lead in the Championship back up to 51pts over #14 Scott Brinson, who actually was the Pole Sitter for the 300, but finished 10th overall. For his efforts the #7 collected $10 for the Win, bringing his Career Earnings in TFR to $30.

Finishing 2nd @ the Brickyard was the #5 of Adam Blocker who recorded his 3rd Top 5 in 4 starts since joining Top Fuel Racing. Blocker has been a major contender in the 4 races he has participated in, but has yet to find himself sitting in victory lane at the end. It is only a matter of time in this writer's opinion before that becomes a reality. For the 2nd Place Finish the #5 collected $5 in cash, the 2nd time he has done that in his 4 starts.

Standing on that bottom step of the Podium was the #94 of Galen Gidman. Gidman came into Indianapolis 3rd in the Championship and increased his lead over 4th Place #184 Kevin O'Brien to 12pts. The 3rd Place Finish is Galen's 4th Top 5 this season, but his first in 4 races as October has not been friendly to the #94. Gidman is another driver that is eventually gonna find victory lane in the DW-12 Series, as all of his Top 5's are Podium finishes. For his efforts Galen picked up $5 in cash as well.

So, the first half of the Season has concluded and what a campaign it has been for #7 Chase Hudson. Can he continue the domination in the next 10 races or will his luck change?

The 2nd Half is Ready to Begin @ the Big M...

"Top Fuel Racing Indianapolis 300" - Official Results"

1. Chase Hudson ($10)
2. Adam Blocker ($5)
3. Galen Gidman ($5)
4. Shawn Butler
5. Richard Sudduth
6. Steven Pearson
7. Kevin Spaulding
8. Eric Steinmetz
9. Dave Forss
10. Scott Brinson (Pole)
11. Kevin O'Brien
12. Bob Rielly
13. Nathan Silvia
14. Kyle Strycharz
15. Chris Voyles
16. Travis Browder
17. Nathan Sedlak
18. Mark McFadden
19. Wally Tirheimer
20. Austin Hawkins
21. Paul Krumrei
22. Matt Burkhart
23. Jay Anderson
24. Scott Sanderson
25. Colin Scott
26. Marco Aurelio Brasil
27. Kris Walker
28. TJ Massick
29. Johnny Smith
30. Lee Bedsaul

Fastest Lap - Scott Brinson (40.095) Lap #85

Most Laps Led - Nathan Silvia (43)   

Most Positions Gained - Dave Forss (22) 

Zero Incidents - Galen Gidman, Johnny Smith, Lee Bedsaul

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